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Mini Monument Valley in India

Monument Valley in Arizona, USA is a landmark and is counted among the most recognizable landscape in the world. But you don't need to get a US Visa to see such lovely views. 😉  

Just 70kms from Bangalore is Thimappana Betta - a group of hills that is a sight to behold. The neighboring hills are sharp and tall, rising a few hundred feet - giving an impression as if they are forming a ✌️-shaped victory sign.

There are paved roads built all the way to the main viewpoint which provides some spectacular views of the hills all around.

Location and Travel Time: This place is around 1.5-2hrs away from almost anywhere in Bangalore

Preferred Mode of Travel: Cars and Two-Wheelers can easily reach the base of the hill which has a small temple.

Two-wheelers can also be taken to the top of the hill which provides some lovely vantage points to ✌️- shaped hill.

Things to Carry: Carry some food and water with you, there aren't any vendors who sell eatables here.
There is a gazebo-like structure on the top of the hill and a couple of benches under a tree near the base/parking which could be good spots for a picnic and relaxation.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!  😃 

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